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trishadley Productions: Vanity Card #1

The Big Bang Theory is quite the hit these days.

What’s not to love? Intellectual humor speckled with scientific banter dispersed by oh-so-lovable characters. A show 'about extraordinary people'. It’s changing the way the world (read: sitcom-watching America) views science. And scientists. I’ve been trying to do this for decades. (Err, decade.) Anyway, I do love when the show ends and one of Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards hits the screen. Sometimes it’s a crude joke or an ‘I have no idea what to write today’ message. It happens. But sometimes it really is a gem. 

Today’s rerun of TBBT ended with CLP Vanity Card #400. Go ahead, read it.

'In other words, it is entirely our choice as to what kind of world we live in. With a simple decision, we can suffer in the darkness or play in the light. We can be angry, frightened and enslaved, or loving, joyous and free.'

In other other words, it's not about what actually happens, but about your relationship with said happenings. How you perceive these events and create your reality around it. You can choose to be happy. You can choose to see us as 'conscious aspects of a perfect universe'. Yes, ugly things happen, life can be stressful, but do you choose to accept love and compassion during those times? Do you choose to use the situation to allow for a deeper connection to people? To life? For change or growth or the opportunity to gaze at the mystery of the universe(/s)? That's a beautiful thing. That's you choosing the kind of world you live in. That's you seeing God in drag.

More, you say? #225, #263, & #423. Oh, right, this was supposed to be my first vanity card. 


THP: Vanity Card #1

I have no idea what to write today.

Background image by Sebastian Glasl.