trisha hadley

Energy Musings

All we are is energy.

This concept has resonated with me for quite some time. Lately it's taken on a whole new meaning.

All we are is energy. Think about it.

Our whole body is made up of cells, living via metabolic processes, sustained by ATP, its very own energy currency. The currency is in the form of molecular bonds that when broken or formed facilitate a transfer of energy allowing the cell to do, to grow, replicate, move. To live. Without this we would be nonexistent. At least not alive.

The entire universe is made up of energy. The sun shines on the earth. At its minuscule levels, tiny particles of mass, atoms, vibrate at certain frequencies. e = mc^2. Mass is energy according to Einstein's famous equation. And all this universal energy is constantly in flux, every instant different than the last, time marching on, allowing change. (Causing change?) New arrangements of energy. Continually.

So there we have it. Energy surrounds us. It makes us. It is us. It provides a framework for our reality.

In comes the role of environment.

Clearly, with this integral part energy plays in our lives -- it is our lives. It is life. -- it's not a huge extrapolation to understand that the energy in our surroundings affects us. Our environment constantly bombards us with stimulation. Some of it we are aware of, the vast majority of it we are not, but that doesn't mean that our brains are not taking it in, interpreting it on a subconscious level. Whether conscious or not, our environments play a vital role in our current state. One could argue they actually create our current state.

Consider the environment of a spa. A soft gray or blue color scheme, harmonious music in the air with hint of lavender scent as you sip your chamomile tea. All of these facilitate relaxation. You're probably more relaxed just reading these words and imagining their realization. The same could be said for the environment of a burning building, busy airport, family dinner. All of these states are brought about by the energy of the environment.

We can use these concepts to our advantage by being particularly conscious of the energy surrounding us and the environment in which we submerse ourselves. From the color of the clothes you choose to don to the scent in your car to the lighting in your bedroom, so many elements converge to create your state of being. You know the feeling you have when you're wearing a new outfit that you particularly love? That's not a coincidence. That is you creating something great in your day. In your life.

Do that more often.

Background image by Sebastian Glasl.