trisha hadley

7 Elements Of Conscious, Healthy Travel

Not many places are as inspiring to me as airports. My hypothesis is that it's the rush of travel, excitement of going somewhere new, adventures by the dozen on the horizon. The vast majority of my writing has taken place on airplanes (and it's usually in the Notes app on my iPhone). On my most recent trip to NY, the following materialized. Enjoy. I hope it allows you to travel a bit more consciously, and who knows, maybe airports will become your new mecca of inspiration, too.

1 Hydration -- Go ahead. I give you permission. Actually, I insist. I know it's a $6 bottle of water, but it's also your best travel buddy. Keep your cells happy; fatigue and illness at bay. I always make sure to splurge on a giant bottle of water at the airport. If you do nothing else in this list, do this. (Even if you're not thirsty.) (Yes, both ways.)

2 Immunity -- The very best arsenal against the bombardment of foreign germs waiting for you around the world is your very own immune system. Help it run optimally with a vitamin and nutrient boost. A few days before departure, have a series of green juices. Bring a supplement for daily support while traveling. I'm currently obsessed with these Korres vitamin tablets I purchased while in Greece this past summer. And I am dying to try this new green powder from Aloha for my next trip! Nutrient dense green juice to-go? Yes, please. Staying super healthy while jet-setting? Check.

3 Nutrition -- Snacks. Snacks. Snacks. There's few things I love more than going to Whole Foods and stocking up on a plethora of healthy snacks for upcoming travel. (Too cool for school, huh?) A few of my favorite, easy, items to bring: apples, kale chips, and nuts with sea salt (will help keep you satiated and hydrated!) But seriously, who doesn't want to be snacking on a trail mix complete with almonds, blueberries and dark chocolate while your neighbor picks through a microwaved meal of fake meat and bread wrapped in plastic from 2009? #duh

4 Clean -- Few things rival the cleanliness (err, sea of contained germs) aboard your trusty 747. Some of my go-to ways to stay fresh while galavanting the globe are face wipes, travel-sized castille soap, and washable pillow cases. Baby wipes do wonders for your face, hands, and cell phone screen. For an especially nourishing experience, I absolutely love Josie Maran's Bear Naked wipes (which also donate a portion of proceeds to protecting polar bears affected by global warming -- a small, but meaningful way to offset your travel carbon footprint). Dr. Bronner's castille soap is another inexpensive, natural way to keep your hands and face clean in sub-par airport bathrooms. If you like to bring a neck pillow, make sure it has a washable cover (and wash it!) Do you really want to snuggle up to everywhere that pillow has touched over the years of being dragged through planes, trains, and busses around the world? Exactly.

5 Comfort -- The only rival to the cleanliness of your seat is the comfort it provides. Combat that by wearing comfy, versatile clothes. And layers. The temperature of planes and subways are always variable, often extreme, and generally unpredictable. Being prepared and comfortable will give you the ability to relax and enjoy. I also love to stick a pillow or blanket behind my lower back for extra lumbar support.

6 Rest -- When else do you have 6 hours of uninterrupted me time? Totally disconnected from the constant bombardment of work calls, social media updates, and daily errands? Take advantage of it! Close your eyes. Throw on some chill tunes. If I'm feeling especially anxious or stressed, I'll take a moment to sit straight in my chair, connect my feet to the floor, and place my hands over my chest or heart chakra. Then I'll continue to #7.

7 Breathe -- Travel can create some of the most hectic situations you'll ever encounter. It can also allow for the most peaceful moments of your life. Breathe. Mindfully. Stay disconnected from the digital world and connect to the world around you. Look out the window at 37,000 ft and take it all in. This unique vantage point. Change of perspective. Realize there is always sun above the clouds no matter the weather on the ground. Enjoy its rise. Wonder at the mystery of the world. Soak in its immense beauty. Meditate. Relax. Breathe. Be.

Background image by Sebastian Glasl.